Digital Culture and Spreadable Media – Conclusions

Before I started this blog, I was a ‘lurker’. I spent time on the internet looking at popular media and sometimes sharing it, but not actively participating. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as Jenkins, Ford and Green (2013) point out – as lurkers help to expand the audience of the content. Without lurkers … More Digital Culture and Spreadable Media – Conclusions

Sound Effects

This week I have had another session in the studio to record the sound effects for the short film I am working on. The film is set in a seemingly never-ending machine, which the characters explore for the duration. The animation is fairly off the wall, so in order to reflect this in the sound … More Sound Effects


A few days ago I watched Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson. He explores how things have been ‘remixed’, from Apple to Chic to Kill Bill, to name a few. Watch it, it is interesting and makes you think again about creativity and copyright. Full video:  Everything is a Remix Strangely, (or maybe not … More Uptown…Collage?

Periscope – A new platform for musicians or just a fad?

Periscope is an iOS and android app that has been around for just over a year. It enables people to live broadcast from their phone to others who are viewing the scope. This can be a private broadcast to invited scopers only or a public broadcast to anyone who wants to watch. I think Periscope … More Periscope – A new platform for musicians or just a fad?

Digital Media

As part of my university course, I am exploring spreadable media and my potential online audience. As stated by Jenkins (2006, p.3) the ‘circulation of media content— across different media systems, competing media economies, and national borders— depends heavily on consumers’ active participation.’ Media does not spread on the internet without people engaging with it, … More Digital Media

Chilling sounds

Over the next couple of months I’m going to be planning research into the reactions of men and women to a collection of chilling sounds. These are the type of sounds that make you shiver, think fingernails on a blackboard. My first thoughts on how to collect this data were to construct a questionnaire on the … More Chilling sounds

Dolby Atmos

5.1 sound has been the standard used in cinemas for many years and is also popular in home cinemas. There are six channels, the centre channel, front left and right, two surround channels and the LFE channel (Low Frequency Effects). Dolby has created a much more immersive sound experience, Dolby Atmos. Although this technology has been … More Dolby Atmos