Digital Media

As part of my university course, I am exploring spreadable media and my potential online audience. As stated by Jenkins (2006, p.3) the ‘circulation of media content— across different media systems, competing media economies, and national borders— depends heavily on consumers’ active participation.’ Media does not spread on the internet without people engaging with it, be this just by sharing the content with their network or in the case of the most popular media, reworking it and posting online for their friends or the wider public to see.

During this term I will post three digital artefacts and monitor their spread. I will try to find out who my audience is, including where they are and what kind of media they want. My first video is mobile film I took on my iPhone 4s of a concert I recently went to. I have chosen an exciting part of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, with the thinking that this will hook people in to watching it. With my classical music background, my current audience on social media includes quite a lot of people who are interested in the type of music, so we will see how many views I get!



Jenkins, H. (2006). Convergence Culture. Retrieved from


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