Elephants Dream Post-Production

As part of my MSc course I am working in a team with two others on the audio post-production for a short film, Elephants Dream. This includes all the ADR, sound effects and foley. You can view the film with the existing sound here.


This week we had our first ADR session with the talented Callum Darbyshire who is voicing the character Proog. In preparation for the session I went through the script and edited out/added dialogue where appropriate. As the film is an animation there is some leeway in what the characters can say and this will help make our version stand out from the original. We also prepared the Protools session in advance, lining up test tones in front of each line Callum was recording so that he knew where to come in.


The session was great fun and Callum was able to sync his lines with the character’s mouth movement with ease – this is obviously extremely useful when editing the dialogue! We are making good progress with the film so far, more updates soon!


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