Sound Effects

This week I have had another session in the studio to record the sound effects for the short film I am working on. The film is set in a seemingly never-ending machine, which the characters explore for the duration. The animation is fairly off the wall, so in order to reflect this in the sound my teammates and I have been trying to think of unusual sounds to match.

This has been an enjoyable process as it has been so creative. For example, there is a scene with lots of birds flying around the characters. At first we thought of using a pair of leather gloves flapping (this is the standard sound for bird wings!) but then looked closer – these are robotic birds in a very different world, why should they sound like conventional birds? To reflect this we have recorded a number of different pairs of scissors opening and closing to represent metallic wings moving which works brilliantly. Now we just need to find a strange sound that fits the birds’ chirruping.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 23.04.40.png
Metal birds in Elephants Dream

We also got round to recording a bit of foley. I had not anticipated how tricky this was going to be, it’s actually quite a skill to walk in sync with the animation whilst at the same time making the footsteps sound like the character on the screen. We experimented with walking on different surfaces and with different shoes and have some good results. Next session is this week, hopefully we will get everything else that is needed and will be able to mix in two weeks time!



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