Digital Culture and Spreadable Media – Conclusions

Before I started this blog, I was a ‘lurker’. I spent time on the internet looking at popular media and sometimes sharing it, but not actively participating. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as Jenkins, Ford and Green (2013) point out – as lurkers help to expand the audience of the content. Without lurkers most spreadable media would not be as successful as it is. I have however now crossed over to the other side and become an active participant on the internet, with some interesting results.

I started off with a short extract of a concert I filmed on my phone (with the artists’ permission, of course). As a fan of classical music and with a lot of friends who also like this genre I thought that this may garner some interest. It wasn’t particularly successful, with only 23 views to date. In hindsight it is probably not of interest to most people at the artists are unknown and the piece of music is one everybody has heard before. In future this type of video would serve best to promote a concert before it has happened as potential audience members would be able to participate, for example sharing the video with friends.

My 2nd artefact was much more exciting. As written about previously, I made a comparison video of Uptown Funk and Young Girls. This video currently has over 23,000 views – it seems everybody else who read about the lawsuit also searched for a comparison video! The pie charts below show this – in the first two days 53% of traffic was from people searching for the video and this has only decreased to 45% over the lifetime of the video.

Traffic sources in the first 2 days of the video being online
Traffic sources over the lifetime of the video

I’m pleased that I have managed to create content that people have searched for and that the content serves a purpose – it is not just sitting there like my 1st video. The average percentage view time of my video is 70% which also shows that it has genuinely interested people, they are not just clicking on something else after 1 second.

Average view duration over the lifetime of the video

With the success of my 2nd artefact, I struggled to think of an idea for my 3rd. I decided that this time I would make something that would reflect my interests and be relevant to my professional presence online. The subject of binaural sound is quite popular at the moment and I had hoped this would attract some attention. It only has 57 views to date, I had hoped for more through promoting it through twitter and using relevant hashtags but this was not the case.

My foray into the world of participatory culture and spreadable media has been an interesting journey. I have learnt that it is possible to create useful content, you just have to be in the right place at the right time with the right idea! I have also come to the conclusion that it is important to have a professional presence online. It is an easy way to show potential employers/clients your passion for your field and your interests. Over the next year I am going to try to develop this presence further and then hopefully when the post uni job search begins it might be that little bit easier.


Jenkins, H., Ford, S., & Green, J. (2013). Spreadable Media (1st ed.). New York: New York University Press.


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